Monday, July 7, 2014

Good Bye To Mom

It's been over a week since my mom passed away. We are all still a bit in shock. We thought she was cancer free, at least for awhile. She had a scan in May that showed no cancer. The Sunday before she died she attended Joey and Brittany's Pre-Ception (I'll do a separate post on this.)

She was tired and nauseous. We thought it was the radiation. Unfortunately, her incredibly aggressive cancer was already in her brain, liver and lungs. It was only 48 hours from when we found out that it had metastasized until she died.

We had a memorial service for her last Friday. It was small and intimate, just her children and grandchildren. Of course in our large family that was about 30 people.

It was at her house. She LOVED any home she lived it in, decorating was a passion of hers. Along with Mexican food, we had red roses, peanut butter cookies and See's candy, her favorites. We went around in a circle and talked a little bit about Mom. She also LOVED family gatherings and almost never missed one. I'm sure she was there.

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