Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Second Day With Big Sis

Yesterday was a busy day! In the morning we took Beth to see Castlewood Canyon State Park. And we all have the mosquito bites to prove it! We stayed on the paved rim path and finished off our walk with playing at the park.

After our little trip we went home for lunch and then Beth, Becky and Max rested while I took the girls to see the Bubble Lady at the library.

What kid wouldn't love a show about blowing bubbles?

The audience was rapt the entire time and then they got to take matters into their own hands!

Once we were home the grownups went out for some fun!

It was a Thai food restaurant for dinner and then a mother/daughter night of painting and wine.

We were a little bit nervous about starting out with a blank canvas and being able to create something that didn't look like a kindergartner finger-painted it.

But we were pretty happy with the results even though the final product doesn't go with the decor in any of our houses. It was fun!

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