Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Rest of Our Week

After we got back from California, we had a busy rest of the week. On Wednesday we had tickets to see Shrek the Musical. We go to the school matinees which are $7.50 a ticket as opposed to the regular shows which cost $25. If Dan wants to go we pay the extra money to go on the weekend. He rarely wants to go!

I thought it was kind of boring but the kids loved all two hours of it (there was an intermission). Of course I thought Wicked and Les Miserables were also boring. Perhaps I don't really like musicals.

On Thursday we went on a field trip with the Options program to the botanical gardens.

On Friday Mia had Friday school and we went to the plastic surgeon. Anna does need surgery. When to do it is the problem. She only operates on clefts the fourth Tuesday of every month. I guess nose jobs pay a lot more! Anyway, we have a Thanksgiving trip in November, a wedding and baby shower the first week of January and a grandchild due in the middle of February. So we would probably wait until the end of February or end of March. We do have October open but the surgery schedule is full on October 28th. We are hoping for a cancelation!

Today the girls went to Arden's birthday party at Monkey Bizness. picking!

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