Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day Weekend

We had a very relaxing holiday weekend. Just one activity per day. Perfect.

On Saturday we had Stel, Michelle, and Lorelei over for a barbecue. We have been making and breaking dates for this all summer. But it finally happened!

Anna took this picture of Mia and Lorelei playing with Dan. The girls love to take pictures and it's so easy when you can just delete anything that doesn't come out good, like the fifty pictures of the coffee table. With film in the old days, I didn't let the kids take pictures until they were a lot older. Who wants to get back 50 pictures of a coffee table from Walgreens!

After 27 years of going to Catholic church, Sheri officially joined! We went to her Baptism, Confirmation and First Holy Communion Sunday morning. After Mass we went over to her house for brunch.

Here she is with her sponsor and Godparents.

This morning we did school even though it was a holiday. Mia was sick on Thursday and Friday and so why not? Love the little things you can get away with when you are homeschooling.

We picked up Becky and Maks at the airport this afternoon and headed to Bill's for a barbecue. Becky was in Seattle for the weekend visiting Beth. Arek was there on business and Joey and Brittany were there visiting too. So glad our older kids are all friends and get together!

Bill and Dawn have an awesome garden.

The girls got to pick fresh corn for dinner.

It was a beautiful day to sit outside and talk.

Of course those pictures are deceiving. The kids did not hardly spend any time sitting in the chairs!

I just read a short biography on Dorothy Day. I think next Labor Day we will celebrate her. She is called a Servant of God as her cause for sainthood is being investigated.

Happy Labor Day!

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