Monday, September 29, 2014

Apple Picking 2014

We didn't get to go apple picking last year as a frost had killed all the buds. This year there were plenty of apples to pick!

We love to go to Third Street Apples. It's very small and friendly. We also got a few pumpkins from their patch.

Everyone got in on the act.

Some LOVED it and cried when we had to stop (Mia). One, honestly, would be just as happy doing other things. This particular one brought her purse (Anna.)

Anna: I don't know where I put my lip balm.

Me: You can't find your lip balm? Let's look at home. Why don't we pick apples while we are here.

Anna: Why are we picking apples?

Me: Because it so much fun!

Anna: (Blank stare.)

The tractor was especially fun for Max.

When we got home we made applesauce. It was unanimous, store-bought apples make better applesauce!

And today we found out Anna can have her surgery October 28th!


Beth said...

I love Anna's princess attitude. We've never had a princess in the family, it's so much fun.

Also, may I inquire about Mia's unicorn braid? A new trend?

Becky said...

Im dying at "unicorn braid."