Saturday, May 16, 2015

Charlie is Home!

It's been a week since we went to pick up the newest member of the family. Little Charlie is doing really well. He even let's us sleep from 10:00 until 5:30 every day. We have heard that isn't always the case with puppies so we are grateful!

The guy below I don't really know. He is this stranger that appeared in the house last week and is quite the dog lover. There used to be a guy living here that barely tolerated a dog brushing up against him. It's a good thing that guy moved out!

Charlie does not lack for attention! We have to rescue set him in his pen quite a often to get a break from all that craziness love.

At Free Reading every afternoon Charlie takes his nap in a special place.

Oh my does Charlie love his pink dog. He seems to think it's one of the brothers or sisters he left behind. He plays with it like it's another dog. He drags it into the pen and sleeps on it like he slept with his siblings in one big pile.

The first Quite Time he was home the main activity was watching Charlie sleep. Yes, Mia spends most of her Quite Time these days reading. She loves to read!

Thanks to Beth and Greg's advice we have already started training and he is doing very well. We love him!

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Roberta Watson McKay said...

Charlie is so adorable! As are the cute kids (and new guy in the house) that love him. :)