Wednesday, May 27, 2015

More New Pets

I have so much blogging to catch up on. My track pad on my computer was acting very funky for awhile and just kept getting worse. Luckily Dan always buys me Applecare. Not that I need it. I don't drop my laptops, my kids don't throw cups of water on them and, well, we now have a puppy who doesn't like to chew on things like cords. So Applecare not only replaced my track pad, but also replaced the back and front cover, the cover over the keyboard, and the keyboard itself. It looks like a brand new computer! And now I can blog! I hate to blog with the iPad app and so I just waited till now.

Besides a new pet puppy we had some other pets for a short while. They started out like this when they came in the mail. They are the tiny black things in this container.

They grew faster than anything I have ever seen. No time-lapsed photography needed!

Then they started to transform.

And so we had five new fun pets for a few days.

After three days we let them go to live the rest of their two-week lives.

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