Sunday, May 31, 2015

More This and That

Time to do a this and that post! I do this when I have a lot of pictures but not a lot of any one event. So here goes...

We went to see the play Fancy Nancy. It's based on the books which are Anna's favorites! They dressed up fancy.

We ended our school year on May 15th. It helps when you start in July! For our end of the the year field trip we went to the Aquarium. All year we have been studying different ocean animals and we saw many of them in person! Or do you say in animal?!

The rays are always a favorite of Mia.

We went to a pirate birthday for a girl in our coop.

We also went to the Jefco Action Center with our homeschool group. Here we all separated donated produce into bins to put into their store where needy families can come and shop for free. We also separated lots of school supplies. It was a very good experience for all of us.

On Memorial weekend we had plans. Both our neighborhood pool and country club pool were having Opening Day parties. It was all planned...we were going to have so much fun...and then it happened, that thing that is happening here over and over and over. RAIN!!! Does it not know we don't need any more here! California is calling!!

So we decided to do something to stay dry. We went to Cave of the Winds.

And as we were driving there we wondered what we would do for the rest of the weekend. Then Dan said why don't you fly to California and look at that house in Palm Desert I like. Really???? Just hope on a plane on a holiday weekend? Of course I did. I'm such a good wife. And we bought a house. But not that one. All because of a little rain. But boy was it sunny there and I can't wait to get out of here in February and hang out at our new house.

Obviously not that many people travel on Saturday night of Memorial Day weekend.

And that is this...and that.

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