Sunday, November 8, 2015

Halloween 2015

Halloween is always a lot of fun around here! As usual, we had hot dogs for dinner and then the kids went trick or treating! The night before we carved our pumpkins.

The kids are getting a little pickier about what the want but they are not quite ready to carve themselves.

Dan did a pretty good job making a doggie pumpkin. Mia opted for My Little Pony and I forgot to take a pic.

We roasted pumpkin seeds which no one really ate.

Becky and family came over!

Maks was a policeman but preferred to be called Chase from Paw Patrol.

Are you surprised by Anna's over-the-top girly mermaid?

Becky was a giraffe and Oli was his usual tongue baby.

One of our favorite families!

Mia was a "police girl". She spent about 5 seconds in the girly aisle at the Halloween store. We certainly were well protected this year!

I guess our dog is not "small"??? His size small bumble bee costume was too small.

Happy Halloween!

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