Saturday, November 7, 2015

Skeleton Coop

A few days before Halloween we had a skeleton coop. We first heard a story about skeletons.

Then we made spines out of lifesavers.

After that their hands were placed on paper and paint sprayed around them to make an "X-ray".

So here is how it went. For each of us, it was a typical reaction.

Maks:  I did most of his project while he watch everyone, entranced.

Mia:  She decided that all the bones in her hand would be broken.

Anna: She decided this was not a project she felt like doing.

Me:  I took a picture of the blank space in front of Anna to document her not wanting to do it and by the time I wrote this post I completely forgot why I had a picture of part of the table with nothing on it and quickly blamed the kids, in my head, for taking a picture of nothing. So of course I deleted the picture.