Monday, October 24, 2011

The Last Few Days

Our 2011 Christmas cards are here. I'm a Type A, obviously. Got my cards in early October for the 20% discount!

I got our first gift for the new grandbaby. It's the softest ever little giraffe that plays a lullaby. Mia DID NOT want to put it in the box to send to Joey. I think Daddy might just get her one for Christmas.

We got this in the mail Friday. Isn't it beautiful? I accepted on Mia's behalf.

Yesterday we went to the preschool pumpkin festival at our church. Mia wore the Red Riding Hood outfit I forgot that I bought at a Halloween sale last year.

Such competition!

How amazing that she won the Cake Walk!

Today we went to Monkey Business. We haven't been there since the spring. It's our cool weather playground. Even though it was warm today, we met Lesley and Logan there. Forgot to get their pictures!

Little Bit of Literal:

Me: Don't walk on the carpet with your shoes on.

Mia: Why? (Even though I tell her every day.)

Me: Because you'll get the carpet dirty.

Mia then runs across her bedroom carpet to the bathroom, with her shoes on. I'm upset because she has outright defied me.

Me: Mia, I told you to take your shoes off.

Mia: Mommy I didn't walk on the carpet. Yea! I RUN so the carpet is clean.

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