Monday, November 28, 2011

California Here We Come

We just got back from nine days in California. Sunshine, warmth and family made it so very special. Flying into LAX we were able to have lunch with Joey and Brittany almost as a soon as I got off the plane.

Dan and I attended the Air Force Association Ball in L.A. on Friday night and in the morning we took Mia to a mall where we found this great playground.

After meeting Grandpa and Grandma for lunch, we headed out to La Quinta for a week of RELAXATION. A couple of hours later we had a full house. Becky, Arek and Jenny came up to spend the night and see our little adoptee.

Wow! Three grownups all to myself.

Arek gave Mia this cute hat. Perfect for Colorado!

This game was at the condo and we had so much fun the first night fooling around with guessing what was on our heads.

Becky! Becky! I'm going to stay here til you come out of the shower and play with me some more!

Speaking of Colorado, this is not it! But it did remind us of home. This is actually Palm Springs. We took the aerial tramway up to the top of Mount San Jacinto. Do we look cold? It was 35 degrees!

One day, Becky and I had to go to the phone store and this outdoor mall had a cute little train.

We spent most of our vacation swimming and doing nothing.

Wednesday night we went to the Living Desert for the Wild Lights display.

Mia's favorite part were the hay bales set up for great climbing.

Mom and Dad liked the carousel best!

Coming from two large families this was a super-small Thanksgiving for us. But super relaxing.

On our last day we went to a yummy Mexican restaurant to celebrate Arek's birthday.

Santa Claus visited the condo complex that night. Mia inched a little closer than when we saw him at the mall two weeks ago. She just isn't quite sure about this funny-looking guy yet!

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