Wednesday, November 9, 2011

One More Week

Only one more week and Mia's new last name will be Collins! People have been sending her adoption presents. That didn't even cross my mind. Here she is with her new American Girl doll sent by Dan's two sisters, his mom and their families. The doll came with a few clothes, a backpack and PJ's for Mia that match her dolls. I would never buy American Girl dolls for Becky and Beth, saying they were too expensive. Oh wasn't me, girls! She also got two cute outfits from her new Grandma Janet and Great Aunt Helen.

We started Christmas decorating today. Every year we go to California for Thanksgiving week and I come back exhausted and not wanting to decorate. So this year, I'm going to do it before we go. Then I'll come home to a house all full of Christmas cheer!

Mia was a lot more interested in the manger scene this year. I told her the story as we set it up. She keeps taking Baby Jesus and trying to hide him from me.

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