Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Busy Weekend!

Last Thursday Mia and I went to dinner at her friend Lorelei's house. Lorelei's mom, Michelle, is a great cook! These two have such fun together. Lorelei can get Mia to put on the princess dress for about 15 minutes. She would much rather play with a ball!

On Friday, Joey's friend, Ed, and cousin, Matt, came over to visit. We only had a short time with them while they were in Colorado because we were off to Seattle to visit Greg and Beth.

On Saturday we got to meet Greg's mom, Roberta. She was great and even brought a treat for Mia. We all enjoyed watching Mia play at the children's museum.

Later that afternoon we tried out a babysitting service that we hope to recommend for wedding visitors and we checked out the wedding and rehearsal dinner venues. Both are awesome! We then relaxed at Roberta's condo. The next day we got to meet Greg's father and brother and then headed back home to Denver.

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