Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Dan's California Weekend

This past weekend Dan went to California for his aunt's 90th birthday. Aunt Katie was Dan's dad's twin sister. She has been a nun for over 65 years!

It's nice that Becky lives in San Diego and can attend the family parties.

While in California Dan went car shopping with Becky. We do not believe in buying kids cars when the turn sixteen nor when the graduate from high school. Our kids have to earn them by doing something difficult such as completing a four year degree. And even then we only give them enough money for a stripped down basic model. All three decided to put in some of their own money to upgrade to nicer cars. Becky doesn't graduate until March, but the car she is using now could have a major breakdown at any time. So they found a Honda fit that fit her just fine. ha ha. But it won't be ready for a month. So sorry, Becky, no pic of you and your new car now. With everything going on with everyone else she says her life his "boring".

Dan also had brunch with Joey and Brittany and my hubby took the best picture of the two of them.

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