Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Art Museum

Today we went to the Denver Art Museum. It is housed in buildings built in 2006. It was so clean and modern. Again, Denver did a great job of making things interesting for all ages. We only made it through two of the ten or so exhibits so we'll be back many more times.

Our first stop was Kids' Korner. Here you could build with blocks, dress up in Chinese costumes, draw and climb. Mia insisted she was a cowboy.

This is Mud Woman. She is part of the Native American exhibit. She was created during the temporary Marvelous Mud exhibit last summer. Mia and I were both fascinated by her size. We watched a video of how it was made and talked to the docent about it too.

Mia asked a lot of questions about what things were. She's never seen a tipi or a Indian baby carrier.

Love this sign!

Here we put stones on numbered circles to make a picture.

Ours turned out to be a thunderbird!

The next exhibit we went to was the Pre-Columbian South America one. Mia is holding pictures of feet which you had to try and locate on different statues throughout the exhibit. We found two and then she was pretty much done with that!

It's finally losing a little air. What do you expect for a four month old latex balloon!

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Beth said...

1. This must be a record for two year olds at a museum.
2. The bow in her hair is super cute.
3. She totally looks interested in Mud Woman.