Sunday, February 12, 2012

San Marcos

This weekend we went to San Marcos. We decided to go and help with Grossie's (Dan's mom) transition to an assisted living facility for persons with dementia. Before going up to San Marcos, we had dinner with Becky in San Diego. I didn't have a chance to take a pic in the restaurant as it was 9:00 Colorado time and someone, I'm not naming names, was up way past her bedtime, and tired of sitting still in a car, then a plane, then a bus, then a car again, and then a restaurant. Let's just say she was glad to get outside and run around, until she fell down and scraped her hands.

The next morning we went to visit Grossie in her new home for a couple of hours.

Mia loved eating a snack with all the women and they all gave her a good amount of attention. Many of them remembered her when we went back the next day and were quite proud of themselves for that.

There were two birds there that Mia had fun with. One of them would put its little head up to the bars so you could rub it. So cute.

We had dinner Saturday night with Paul, Maureen, Shelia and Ernie. I took some pictures but they came out blurry. The iPhone, or more likely the iPhone operator, is not great with low-light pictures.

Although the trip was not meant to be a "fun" trip, we still had a good time. And we didn't miss the twenty degree weather in Denver!


Becky said...

How did Grossie do with the transition?

Debbie said...

She's okay, but not real happy. Hopefully, she start to like it after awhile.