Sunday, February 19, 2012

Joey and Brittany!

This weekend Joey and Brittany (and Avery) came to visit us. They wanted to relax as their lives are so busy right now. There is only so much relaxing you can do with a two year old in the mix!

The current "game of the week" is duck duck goose. And if you are chosen as the lucky one you get to be the goose. Every. Single. Time. She seems to prefer males for this job so Joey was it.

Saturday afternoon we drove up to the Ice Castles. I heard amazing things about it from several people so I was a little disappointed in the size to tell the truth. But it is amazing that all these icicles are made in a separate place and then attached every night (3000 of them) by hand.

We went to dinner and then came back to see them all lit up. It was actually easier to see all the definition when they were alight. So we were glad we chose to get out of the car, put on all our gear again, and brave the elements. Some of us might have mentioned just "driving by" a couple of times.

Sunday morning we took a quick trip over to the Wildlife Experience. Both Joey and Dan had colds so we didn't stay too long. Everyone but me came home and took naps.

Look how well this brother and sister play together.

In the middle of the visit Mia went to her first ever little kid birthday party. Here she is with the birthday girl, Sophia, who loves to make funny faces for the camera.

Later that night we went to our favorite Greek restaurant for dinner. Tomorrow morning Brittany and Joey will have to leave. We will all be disappointed!

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