Sunday, February 5, 2012


Mia and I had some time today after church and before a few friends came over for the Superbowl. We decided to take advantage of a Free Day. The city of Denver promotes free days at the museums throughout the city. Today, and every first Sunday, was free day at the Museum of Miniatures. I wasn't sure Mia would like it, but we decided to give it a try.

We got to the museum at 11:00 and it was closed! I should have checked the hours as it didn't open until 1:00. Mia was asleep so I decided to drive a round a bit. When she woke up we got some lunch downtown and then decided to go over to REI's flagship store because I heard they had a playground.

When you walk into the store there is a humongous climbing rock. We sat on some steps and watched someone climb to the very top. Mia was intently watching him and kept saying, "He's going to fall!" You can see him in the picture.

Next we had to check out the tents in the clearance section.

Then it was over to the little forest playground. We played there for awhile and then shopped for some mittens. I ended up paying $35 for snow mittens (gulp), but I know they will be used by her little sister after her.

Do you like my new mittens?

By now the museum was open so we headed over there. Since it was a free day, they had a craft available. Today it was Valentine cards and so we made one for Daddy.

This museum turned to be amazingly kid-friendly. It was in an old Victorian house and every room had a play area for children. So parents could show their kids the exhibits and then let the kids play while the parents look more in depth at the exhibits.

This was an entire miniature circus down to the smallest details, including trailers.

When toys your kids played with are in a museum, you are old!

I love this. The switches to turn the trains off are on a place down really low for children. This turned out to be an awesome museum for kids...and grown-ups too!

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