Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Waiting for the Laundry

I am so behind! I left the power cord to my computer in one of the hotels we stayed at and I just couldn't figure some blogging things out on my iPad. So I have many posts to share.

Last Wednesday we were still in Solvang. We decided to go the laudromat. Something I haven't done in years. And while our clothes were washing we went to a cute little petting zoo.

The first thing we did was feed the Zedonkey.

She waited and waited for this turtle to "not be a rock".

The dog was very friendly, but the goat was afraid of her and climbed up on the table every time she came around.

More posts coming on Bailee's party, Dar's party, Becky and Arek and an interesting trip to the park!


Beth said...

Is a zedonkey a real thing?

Becky said...

Yes, it is. Apparently it's more commonly referred to as a zedonk.