Thursday, August 9, 2012

End of the Visit

Grandpa and Grandma went home on Tuesday morning. We had a great visit and the girls especially had a good time. It was nice to spend time at both our house and Bill's. And we'll see Grandma and Grandpa again at the wedding!

Today Anna went to the dentist for the first time. She saw one at the cleft clinic and we chose to go to his office for the follow-up after talking with our plastic surgeon. Today we saw his brother, also part of the practice. He had an amazing bedside manner, really sweet.

We found out that Anna is missing a lot of enamel on her top two front teeth. So we have to be careful we brush those two really well. She has no decay. That's from not being in an orphanage! She'll have to go back at least every six months.

I don't think I posted that we found out the ENT I really liked doesn't do closures like Anna needs on the hole below her nose. He also is not available to put in the tubes on the 25th of September with the plastic surgeon. week we are seeing another ENT that our surgeon works with a lot. He is available on the 25th, but he will also decide if he can just do the closure himself when he evaluates her next week.

Every day the girls are playing more and more together. Anna still doesn't like it when Mia gets in her face, especially with a toy. We've had to confiscate a few hoping that Mia will finally get it. But Mia is so good with Anna in all other areas. She always includes her in everything she does.

The next two weeks we are trying to work on Dan bonding more with Anna. Especially putting her down for naps and bedtime. I am going to Beth and Becky's showers in two weeks and he will be here alone with the girls for the weekend. Praying praying praying that Anna will not be too upset about me leaving.

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