Monday, August 20, 2012

Anna's Surgery

Anna's surgery went smoothly! It took about an hour and fifteen minutes. She looked so cute in her little hospital gown. It was brushed cotton and really soft.

She knew something was up when we put it on her. Her eyes were watching everyone VERY carefully.

The yellow socks distracted her and were a big hit!

Even toddlers have to go through the humiliation of the open back gown.

I was able to go into the Operating Room with her until she was completely asleep. She never cried. The anesthesiologist held the mask up to her mouth after applying fruit flavored chapstick to it to make it smell good.

She was not a happy camper in recovery. She wouldn't drink from the sippy cup, but wouldn't let it go either. Reminded me of Gotcha Day when she wouldn't eat the cookie I gave her, but also wouldn't let it go.

Sleepy baby on the way home. Notice what's still in her hand.

The surgeon said he was able to close everything up well but she will need more revision later by a plastic surgeon. But not for a few years!

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Roberta said...

AHHH sweet baby. This brings back memories of many ear tube surgeries for my boys.