Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Wounds and Wood

Anna was in such a good mood last night and all today. She did not need any pain medication at all today.

So today I took them to the park and made sure I held Anna's hand everywhere she went so she wouldn't fall face first and break open her incision. On the 1/2 mile, very short, ride home she pulled off ALL of her steristrips! I called the doctor and we agreed I would go buy some more. Then a few minutes later it started to bleed. So I called the doctor back. I was going to need to bring her in. Of course, they are in the office farthest from my house today! And it's nap time to top it off. But we made the drive. Her incision is okay. The scar may be a little wider than he originally intended but that can be revised when she is older. I have to leave the blood on there and put some antibiotic cream on it twice a day. Our other choice would be to put new steristrips and splints on her arms. The splints would keep her from bending her elbows so she couldn't touch her wound. The doctor and I agreed this would be a bad idea for her age as she could easily loose her balance and fall flat on her face! In the picture the scar is where the blood is right now.

On to other things...our house is going very slow. The subcontractors have made a few mistakes that have kept permits from being signed off. We're happy that they have tough inspectors though! So we now have lumber. Hopefully it will be used soon!

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