Sunday, November 3, 2013

Day LIght Crankings

Our weekend was quiet after going out of town last weekend. I was sick on Friday so we had to postpone dinner at a friend's house. Feeling better, Dan and I had a date night with Dawn and Bill on Saturday. We kept the girls up an hour later for daylight savings time ending. But that backfired, of course, and they woke up even earlier than usual!

We took advantage and went to church at 7:30 this morning. Then we spent most of today running errands, keeping them awake, dealing with tried crankiness, running more errands, controlling our own tempers over crankiness, etc. But...we managed to keep them up that extra hour again and...hopefully...they will sleep in the extra hour too. I believe in fairy dust too!

They did manage to fit in one more Wizard of Oz playtime with Dan and I playing various parts at various times. Mia is the ultimate director and star, knowing exactly where everyone should be standing, and what they should be saying, for all scenes. Here is Dorothy just waking up from her dream.

There's no place like home!

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