Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Just a Normal Day

We got another $2 grab bag from Michael's today. They are so much fun! There is usually about $10 worth of stuff that I like and a whole mess of junk that the kids love. Today, it was tons of fake flowers for the girls and a cute tote bag for me that Anna carried around the rest of the day. Little green purse is now second fiddle!

We have been to a wedding recently as well as planning Becky's so Mia's first thought was to play wedding!

The guests have arrived...

The bride is lovely...

Mia married Anna where they promised to take care of their children who will be one boy and one girl. It was soooo cute! I was a flower girl and an "audience".

In the grab bag, there were also five packs of these cute little clothespins. I stashed them away. They should come in handy for a future birthday party!

Mia has been asking to make a pumpkin pie. I'm not sure where she got the idea from, but she finally got her wish today.

I didn't have any white sugar, only coconut sugar. But it tasted fine and should be lower on the glycemic index. They both love pumpkin pie! They get that from my side of the family!

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