Saturday, November 9, 2013

Veteran's Day

Last night we went over to Michelle and Stel's house and had a great time. The three girls danced their little hearts out.

The older girls were not always happy about Anna playing with them and, truthfully, Anna did not want to play with them most of the time. Mia and Lorelei have an amazing bond that none of us can quite figure out. They are very much alike and they just "get" each other. Anna has a completely different personality than the two of them. She preferred to stay with the adults, which is never a big deal because she is so well behaved.

Today we went to Aunt Bonnie's 90th birthday celebration. It was an open house with cake at her country club. It was good to see all my cousins I only see about once every 10 years. But there wasn't much for the girls to do so we only stayed about an hour. And I forgot to take any pics!

From there, we headed downtown for a Veteran's Day celebration. I've always wanted to attend one to support all the veterans. As usual, I was shocked by all the free stuff and the lack of crowds. Love this about Colorado. There were free hot dogs, chips, bottled water, hot chocolate, donuts and coffee. Of course, we made donations that equaled the cost of the food. But the fact that we could eat for free if we wanted to always tickles me. I am so cheap!!!!

We picked the perfect year to attend this gathering. It was in the 50's at sundown. That is pretty rare for November here.

We enjoyed listening to the Lennon Sisters while we sipped out hot drinks.

But the highlight of the evening was the fireworks show!

The girls were both mesmerized. They had never seen fireworks this close before.

The fireworks started at 5:45 and we were home for a normal bedtime!

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