Sunday, March 30, 2014

Roxborough State Park

On Saturday we went to a library puppet show at Roxborough Library. And since the state park was right next door, we headed over there afterward.

The puppet show was a cute one based on a book about a cricket that thinks she's ugly.

Afterwards Anna made a cute little craft, but Mia wanted to explore the library play place.

From the library we headed to to the state park. The day was beautiful and in the high 60's. We enjoyed a picnic lunch and went on a little hike. This was our first trip to this particular state park. I think we'll buy a state park pass this year and enjoy many of them!

We didn't stay too long as we had to go home and get the house ready for Becky, Arek and Max, plus Arek's brothers, David and Adrian. Yes, they are here in Colorado! And they were quite exhausted after a 23 hour caravan trip. We took it easy last night and then we moved them into their new house today! Becky will be staying with us for a few months as Arek has to stay working in L.A. through June and they want to do a few things to the house before they start living in it. But we are so happy to have one of the older kids living here. Who's next??

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