Sunday, June 1, 2014

Larry Gets Lost in Seattle Part 2

On our second day in Seattle we hit the pavement to cover a whole bunch of Seattle sights! Fremont was our first stop. There are a lot of statues in this area and two of them are in the Larry book.

Waiting for the Interurban is a a statue of a group of people waiting at a bus stop. They are often dressed up by random people. The girls laughed at this one when they saw it in the book.

This next one wasn't in the book, but it was Mia's favorite so we had to get a pic.

The Troll Under the Bridge is a famous statue in the area. Family picture time! Mia was a little scared and refused to climb on it at all. Anna was fine. Go figure. They always surprise me when I think I know them!

After our little statue tour, all on foot, we were ready for our next sighting: Pike Place Market for a little fish throwing.

If you haven't heard of it, there is a store at the fish market where they throw a fish the customer purchasing it. The girls had pretty good seats above the crowd!

We also saw a little cheese making and some magic tricks.

Our next stop at the market was not in the book, but I've been wanting to see it. The Gum Wall. A disgusting place where people leave their gum on a wall. No kidding. It started when a few people plopped their gum down while waiting in line for the theater. A movement began! It was as gross as it sounds in person.

Our next stop was the Space Needle. We had hoped to go there for lunch but a huge festival was going on around the base of it and all reservations were taken. We decided that trying to find parking would be futile. So we did one more thing from the book, we rode the monorail!

The girls were happy we didn't have to walk as they were exhausted. Note to self: they need to walk more and build up some endurance.

We thought we might at least go up in the Space Needle but then we saw the line and no one wanted to wait in it. So we got the best picture we could and moved forward to lunch.

More walking. Not happy kids.

But after lunch we took them to the kid's place at the festival where they got to jump rope and play games. Ummm, suddenly not so tired.

We then walked back to the monorail and back to the car and the girls watched a movie, ate dinner and went to bed. Seattle touristy items checked off!

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