Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Cleft Clinic 2014

It's been two weeks since I took Anna to her annual cleft clinic. We had two followups. At the dentist they put another fluoride varnish on her remaining top front tooth. They are trying to save this one. It has a small cavity, but hopefully it can hold on until her permanent teeth come in. At the ENT followup we learned her adenoids are getting very large and affecting her speech. They will have to come out.:( We were hoping there would be no surgery this year as her hearing is good even though her tubes have fallen out. number 5 will be on June 30th! It should be pretty minor and she still may end up getting another set of tubes if he sees fluid behind her ear at the time.

Anna pretty much cracks us up at the things she says and does every day.

I love that these two love each other so much!

We will have to get in water time over the next week and a half as if she gets tubes, it's no swimming for three weeks!

Still loving summer!

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