Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Sunday Morning in Seattle

On Sunday in Seattle we rose, dressed the kids, fed them a banana and headed out for a walk to church. It was so wonderful to be able to walk to Sunday Mass. The kids thought it was fun too. It was a nice church and not crowded at all. Our church is getting very crowded these days!

After walking back, we had a nice breakfast with Beth and Greg. Then Mia and Anna went roly-poly hunting. We get very few of these in dry Colorado. They had about twenty in a plastic tub which they brought to the park later.

(Mia has been on a bug catching craze lately, catching at least three or four moths, spiders, centipedes and other sorts every day! We have finally had to outlaw her bringing them in the house when we started hearing, "Have you seen the spider I caught? It got away!")

Mid-morning we went out one more time to the fabulous park across the street.

We have no parks with zip lines near us!

We said goodbye to Beth and Greg around noon and started our trek to Longview, Washington.

Alfred was exhausted after the girls left. Poor thing.

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