Monday, June 9, 2014

Weekend Visit

This past weekend we were blessed to have Joey, Brittany, Avery and Ben visit. Yes, that means five tots five and under roaming around!

They all got along pretty well.

We had dinner outside with a barbecue on Friday. Max did not want to be in this picture. At all.

But he was happy with a pic on Mom's lap.

Ben is at the age where he only wants Mom or Dad if they're anywhere in sight.

We didn't do too much. The kids played and played and we went to the indoor pool.

Anna played priest and Max was the deacon.

Grandpa and Grandma got to spend some time with them too!

Poor Avery got sick about half way through and then it wasn't so fun for her. And they all had to spend an extra two and half hours at the airport due to our crazy tornado weather Sunday. But...I hope that they had fun and that they'll be back soon!

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Roberta McKay said...

What a house full of adorableness!