Saturday, August 2, 2014

End of the Week

On Wednesday we had to say goodbye to Big Sis.:( The weather was rainy all day so we spent some time with her at the indoor mall playground.

It was so nice to be able to say to her, "See you soon in Jamaica!"

The next day we were supposed to have an outdoor water obstacle course co-op at our house. But the weather was terrible again! I hope that doesn't mean Fall is coming early! I canceled the co-op and took the kids to Monkey Business.

Hmmm, Mia's painting looks familiar.

Today Michelle, Stel and Lorelei were supposed to come over for a barbecue. But Lorelei has mono! I'm so glad we haven't seen them in about a month and won't have to worry about catching it. Since the kids were disappointed we decided to take them to The Perfect Landing for lunch.

The Perfect Landing is a restaurant at a small airport. There is an amazing view of the runway where kids can watch the planes take off and land. The weather has been cloudy all week, but today it was clear and beautiful. We had a great view from our table.

All the kids loved it, but I think Max was the most enthralled.

After lunch all three of the kids fell asleep at quiet time. That! So we decided that instead of baths and bed right after dinner we would go swimming!

It was a little chilly when we got out of the water but so fun!

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