Friday, August 29, 2014

A Week in August

Mia has another fever. She has been sick more this year than all her other years combined. We have been doing a lot of trial and error with her diet and that may be putting her system out of whack. We are trying to keep this from coming back.

This is a bad case of geographic tongue. All the regular doctors (pediatrician and allergist) I have gone to just tell me it's a benign condition. Okay, but there are usually mood swing and behavior issues that show up right before her tongue goes crazy. And that tells me she is not feeling well. So we are now going to a naturopath who has her on an elimination diet and doesn't think I'm crazy for thinking something might be wrong.

So she is missing school again today! And we missed a field trip and music class yesterday. This is our fifth rest day since coming home from Jamaica. I'm going a little stir crazy!

One of the rest days was Monday because Anna had her adenoids out. She also got the wax removed from ears and now doesn't shout all the time anymore.:) Dan's new boss and his wife sent over some flowers. Anna grinned from ear to ear when I realized they were for her and not me! The flowers are arranged to make a little doggie face.

So last weekend we went on a our short little camping trip. Since I waited until two days before to find a close campground, we ended up in a less-than-natury camping site.

Here is our tent we purchased earlier in the summer. LOVE it. The poles are already attached. It takes less than two minutes to put up!

When I say less-than-natury, I'm talking about the house behind us...

...and the trailer storage next to us.

So glad the trailers were kept safe with the bright light shining on them ALL. NIGHT. LONG. I did not sleep at all. Mia woke up with leg cramps. Anna woke up just because. And did I mention that the highway was just a couple of sites away?

But the girls had a good experience. And got to spend some time with Sheri and Bob and their dogs.

Lesson learned: make a reservation earlier. Next year it's Rocky Mountain National Park. For a few days. But, truthfully, we were soooo glad we weren't staying another night at this campground.

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