Monday, March 9, 2015

Another Three-Coop Week

This week we had three coops!!! The first one was a reader's theater. Mia had a part and Anna went up for the dance at the end. I videoed it but my camera went dead before I took any regular pictures! It was a blast for Mia. The family's house has a small stage and lots of animals to play with.

The next coop was motor skills practice for young kids.

Maks went with us since it was on a Wednesday and he spends the day with us. He was in heaven with all the cars.

Our last coop was also a blast. We went to a trampoline park! P.E. for the week!

Mia has been asking to go to a gym with a rope swing that lands you into foam ever since she went on one at Avery's first birthday party. We finally found one!

Anna went down the ramp with this car over and over.

All three coops were filled with learning and fun!

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