Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Saint Patrick's Day

I am in Seattle visiting this little munchkin.

She is so cute! I went with Beth to Paige's two week check up and everything is great. She is at her birthweight now and so she doesn't need to be woken up every three hours to feed. (So glad this was not the practice when I was having babies.) Dan and Becky are holding down the fort at home!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day! I was to have a Saint Patrick's Day coop at my house today, but instead had it last week.

We made a fruit kabob rainbow.

Then we made green "ice Cream" with frozen bananas, yogurt and spinach. They all loved it! Everyone was brave enough to eat spinach. Then they asked for more and more when they realized the spinach didn't change the taste but just made it green.

I read a book on the origins of Saint Patrick and we talked about leprechauns. We sang a leprechaun song and then we found clues he left all over the house. After much investigation we found his pot of gold! But alas, we didn't catch him. :(

We played with green play dough.

And everyone created a picture craft. We painted rainbows with our fingers and made shamrocks with potato stamps. A little glitter to our pots made them look like they were filled with gold. I still have glitter all over the sun room!

I was glad everyone was able to make it with the date change. It was a Saint Patrick's Day to remember.

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