Saturday, March 7, 2015

Modern Ballet

Once a month one of the local theaters has a program they call Passport to Culture. We have seen a few of the shows. Our favorite Chinese New Year show was a Passport to Culture show last year. I like them because an hour is about enough culture for me! I find opera, ballet, symphonies and even musicals quite boring. I am not very cultured!

This past Sunday it was a modern ballet show.

Anna was mesmerized through the whole first dance and when it was over she said, "I didn't like that grown-up dance!" What????? She then closed her eyes through the whole next dance.

In between dances, the dancers taught the kids how to make up dances.

They also learned the names of the different parts of a stage. Us old folks learned a thing or too!

Next month is drummers and we'll be there!

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