Sunday, April 12, 2015

Busy Busy Sunday

What a busy but fun day! We started out by going to 9:30 AM mass. After that we headed to the park as there was a nice breeze and it was perfect for kite flying. In spring it is usually calm or furiously windy around here so we had to take advantage.

Somehow I only got a picture of the kite string, but not the kite! The kites went up really high with very little effort.

We also brought their clubs and foam golf balls for practice.

After about an hour at the park we headed home for lunch. After lunch we were off to a Masters party. Dan watched the golf tournament, Anna ate, Mia played Minecraft with the boys and I visited with some friends.

After about an hour and half there we headed to a drum show.

We learned about the origins of drums (Africa) and how the technology traveled around the world and changed. I love theses monthly programs where the kids get to participate.

After the show we had a bit of drive to visit the new puppies!!

This was our first time seeing them in person. In two weeks we get to go back and pick ours!

After the puppy visit we went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner and then headed home. The girls were EXHAUSTED.

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