Friday, April 10, 2015


A few weekends ago we decided to make one last winter trip to somewhere warm. We chose Phoenix this time. It was not the brightest choice with Spring Training and Spring Break in full swing! Most hotels were already filled and airline tickets were pricey. But we had credits on Southwest we had to use soon or they would expire so the flights ended up being free. The hotel we finally found with vacancy was a Hilton resort, and a little past its prime. But it had a pool and that was pretty much our only non-negotiable. The service at the hotel ended up being some of the best we have ever had!

Mia found a grasshopper on the balcony and spent a lot of time catching and playing with it.

Every night we ordered Room Service for dinner. The prices were really reasonable ($8) for a kid's plate and really healthy. Mia and Anna ordered the salmon, asparagus and mashed potatoes dinner all three nights. All five of my kids have been big salmon lovers. It was great not having to sit in a restaurant with kids exhausted from swimming!

We spent most of our days the same way: going out for breakfast, playing in the pool and then relaxing in the room watching T.V. We did venture out once to a park where they chased pigeons and drank smoothies.

I think this was our very first vacation with the girls where there was no event or family member to visit. It was just nice spending time together.

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