Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Doors Open Denver

There are some really great things about Denver and Doors Open Denver is one of them. I have known about it for years but have never been. Basically, around 55 buildings are open to the public to tour/visit on this weekend. Most of them are not open to the public normally and most of them have interesting architectural elements.

We chose three buildings to go to for this our first time. The girls are always tired on Saturdays after going to school all day on Fridays so we didn't want to overdo it.

Our first stop was the Perrenoud Condominiums. They were built in the 1800's and have been high-end apartments as well as a hotel.

The atrium ceiling in the lobby was amazing.

We learned about bird cage elevators even though we weren't allowed to go in this one.

The fireplace was not real, but it was beautiful.

It was difficult to explain a switchboard desk to the girls.

The dumb waiter was a bit easier to define.

We visited the ballroom which is now the condo gym to see the beautiful wood carvings.

The original safe still exists.

I loved the stained glass windows in the dining room. This room was in the dark basement which I found a bit odd.

Also in the basement was the laundry room with lines strung from end to end for clothes drying and this clothes dryer from the 1800's! There were racks inside for hanging your clothes and the heat from the washing machine was the fuel.

After the condos, we headed to Union Station. Not a lot to see there, but we had a bite to eat and the adults enjoyed the architecture. There was a tour available but I think the girls would have been too restless.

Our last stop was to be the new DaVita World Headquarters building but I did not notice it closed earlier than most of the other buildings so we were not let in. There's always next year! Instead we had a good time walking around downtown.

I hope to make this an annual event for our family!

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