Tuesday, August 11, 2015

A New Discovery

We already knew of two places to play in Cherry Creek but we recently discovered a new one and it's closer to our home! One day we stopped at a trailhead near our home. Being on the trail only a few feet we found this.

It turned out to be a little memorial for children that have died. The plaques in the background are all little memorials.

After hiking a little bit, we came across the creek.

Since we were not in bathing wear we decided to just spend a little time trying to catch tadpoles and making plans to come back another time.

That next time was two days later with Becky, Maks, Oli, some neighbors and Charlie!

We wore our bathing suits this time. Well, the kids at least.

Charlie did not seem to feel well all the next day so that will probably be his last trip to the creek. Who knows what he ate, drank or what bit him. But he had so much fun!

Maks may pass Anna in height soon and they are two years apart!

This is probably going to be our go-to creek area from now on. The kids caught lots of small frogs. We do catch and release or catch and try to sneak it in the car, whatever you want to call it.

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