Saturday, August 22, 2015

Botanic Gardens Homeschool Day

This is our second time going to a Homeschool Day at the botanic gardens. This time the activities focused on the Nature of Horses, the major exhibit on display right now.  I don't remember any of the botanic gardens in California having temporary sculpture exhibits.

The sculptures were all made from driftwood...not.

The artist, Deborah Butterfield, used to make them from wood, but they would fall apart. Now she makes them from wood, has them cast in bronze piece by piece, and then paints them to look like wood.

At one station the girls made their own sculptures.

While we were there everyone was waiting for the corpse flower to bloom. It did not that day. It gives off an awful stench when it blooms. Yes, it is huge!

Mia begged to be allowed to feel what a lily pad is like. So I let her!

I loved the pretty colors on this tree trunk.

The created sculpture framework with these rods. Funny how we had these exact rods at home and I could never get them to play with them!

I am obsessed with taking pictures of children from the back. I think it just grabs their curiosity and cuteness.

I was a really hot and crowded day at the gardens so Mom splurged on iced lemonade.

Horses. We love em.

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