Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Cleft Picnic 2015

On Sunday we attended the annual Face to Face picnic. We love this organization started by two young ladies with cleft lip and palates.

Mr. Balloon Guy was here last year and still full of corny jokes. Everyone also got fun tattoos.

The little ones played and played with this mini water park.

Anna met a little friend with bilateral cleft lip and palate from the same province of China as her. With all the Face to Face activities we hope they will become good friends.

We never imagined Becky would be at this picnic as a parent rather than as a sister. But it's s great resource for her.

We decided to a little advertising for Dash for Smiles while having fun with Anna and Elsa. Yes, it never ever ends. Frozen, that is.

This giant dog decided to take a selfie with my camera.

Archery was there again this year.

Arek was on a business trip so Becky came with us.

We look forward to next year!

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Roberta Watson said...

Love your amazing family and your new fam photo!