Saturday, August 1, 2015

Summer Lovin'

The weather has been hot around here lately. Love it. We sometimes even eat breakfast outside on the deck.

Mia has lost her first baby tooth. Her permanent teeth have already come in behind the baby teeth and the dentist says that is okay. The small teeth would eventually fall out and he was right. She has four permanent teeth so far!

We have really been enjoying splash fountains with the hot weather. Anna feels the need to wear goggles at any wet activity.

This is our favorite splash playground and they just installed a shady area with artificial grass for parents to sit on.

I found some pictures on Dan's phone of our local festival in June. The kids love it every year.

Mia goes on scarier rides now, but still loves all the kiddy rides.

We met a friend from Mia's Friday school at another splash fountain this week.

They launched air rockets and had a blast. No pun intended.

Anna found this grove of little trees to climb while we waited for Mia's soccer game to start on Saturday. Just her size!

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