Saturday, October 31, 2015

Oliver's Surgery Week

Here is a timeline of little Oli's surgery week:

Sunday:  Becky took some pictures to remember how this guy with the huge smile looked. Your world is about to change big time, Buddy!

Monday:  Becky and Arek brought Maks over to spend the next few days at our house.

Tuesday:  I took all the kids to the Denver Children's Museum. We had a picnic lunch outside and then enjoyed the afternoon in the museum.

 Meanwhile, Oliver's surgery that was originally supposed to be in the morning, and then scheduled for 2:15, was not happening at 3:00. And, though he looks happy here, he was getting hungry!

He finally got in at 3:30. It went very well!

Wednesday:  We went to visit Oli in the hospital.

He was refusing to eat and couldn't leave that corner of the room because he was hooked up to an I.V. He almost had to spend the night again but Becky and Arek were able to bring him home and have been force feeding him. It will take him awhile to learn how to eat with his new lips and no NAM.  We love you Oliver!

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Roberta Watson said...

Dear Collins/Maciol family, I am so happy that all went well for little Oliver's surgery and I know in time he will be back to his smiley adorable self. You are all so filled with strength and love of family; you are an inspiration.