Monday, February 1, 2016

Playoff Weekend

The weekend before last were the conference play-offs. We decided to go ice skating on Saturday. The last time we went was for Anna's birthday. Mia could not go because she wouldn't put on the skates because her feet itched so much.  No one has been able to correctly diagnose her feet issues, but they are almost gone now with the special diet and supplements.  We do have one more piece of the puzzle...

Yes, she has toxic levels of mercury and aluminum. We are working on this! Notice also that not one of her mineral ratios is ideal.

Anyway, we took our little neighbor with us and bought the passes to do all the activities. That means we spent a few hours going ice skating, playing laser tag (Anna and I sat this out as she was too scared.), bumper cars (Anna was too short.), inflatable obstacle course and climbing wall. We took a break to eat our lunch in the car. 

Can you tell it was a nice day?

Mia has always been our climber!

Anna did pretty good but needed a lot more help.

The next day was the football conference playoffs. So we figured if we were gonna watch upwards of 6 hours of TV, the girls could have the same amount of screen time. You might have to rethink that when your daughter wakes up with a blister and it finally dawns on you that it's from playing on the iPad too much!

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