Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Super Bowl Week

Coops have begun again! We did not have any in December and January and we missed them. Last week we went to Hammond's Candy Factory. We have been there a few times but the girls are so young they don't remember very much of it.

They make candy the old-fashioned way. Some of the machines are over 100 years old.

On Saturday Arek drove Mia up the mountain so she could take a snowboarding lesson while he skied. She loved it! Anna wants to go next year. I was worried about her being cold but it turned out to be a beautiful sunny day. She came home exhausted!

We had a super bowl party! Just ignore the Raiders mug on the shelf. Dan actually rooted for the Broncos, because he doesn't like a certain quarterback on the other team. Everyone else rooted for the Broncos because they are the BRONCOS! It was fun. The rally was downtown today and I thought about taking the kids but then quickly came to my senses. It was so big you could see it from space!

Beth and Greg were here for the Super Bowl and Beth is staying until tomorrow. And they brought this cute little package with them.

She's been walking for three months and she only weights sixteen pounds! Her expressions are priceless. What a cutie! Unfortunately, she doesn't sleep! Little Oli has been sick and Paige started getting sick as well so there's been a lot of crying and wanting their moms! Becky and family usually spend the night whenever Joey or Beth are in town.

There have been happy times too!

To get the poor little sick babies to sleep we took a walk in the Colorado sunshine. No, they didn't fall asleep with three kids and a dog tagging along!
Tomorrow night the house will seem empty!

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