Thursday, February 25, 2016

First Science Fair

Last week we had a coop about the story the Gingerbread Man. We read two different versions of the story and then compared and contrasted them. Then we got to decorate some cookies! We brought our own gluten, egg, soy and dairy free cookies and decorations. They were sugar cookies because I think gingerbread tastes terrible and I had none of the ingredients for it anyway. I also had no cookie cutter so these babies are hand carved.

On Saturday the girls went to a birthday party at a gladiator place. I didn't think Anna would participate, but she loved it! Of course, there was no doubt is would be right up Mia's alley.

Monday we had our first ever Science Fair with our homeschool group. The girls did a simple experiment of which plant will survive longer, one given no water or one given no light.

There were 18 science projects and 16 of the kids presented. The girls learned a lot and were fascinated at the presentations. They were the first ones to raise their hands after every talk to ask questions. After the presentations they got to go around and taste, handle, and participate in everyone's project. It was an amazing success.

Anna has passed another level in swimming. She is such a determined young thing! She tries soooo hard. The girls are both good swimmers now so we will be ending swimming lessons in March for good and go on to something else.

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