Thursday, February 18, 2016

Sister Trip!

It's been awhile since our last sister trip, maybe five years? We went to La Quinta for four days. Things have changed. Bill is divorced so Michelle wasn't there. Instead, his current wife Dawn came. She got along great with us and we all got along great with each other (a first for us).

The trip was wonderful. We really enjoyed each other. It was so nice to have a house where we could spread out a bit rather than being cramped in a hotel room. It may be part of the reason we all got along!

Friday night we just listened to music and played around. I do have one particularly crazy sister.

Saturday we went to the street fair. What I have to say about that is: been there, done that. 

And then we spent the rest of the day sunning.

Saturday night we celebrated Donna's fiftieth birthday, which was in December. We went to a great restaurant, Wally's. At first it seemed like it wouldn't work. We are loud. The place was quiet. There was almost no one in the place when we got there, white tablecloths, silence, candles. etc. But they were so NICE. They set us in the middle of the restaurant. I had the best service I've ever had. They were amazing. We had them taking our pictures over and over because we couldn't get the flash to work right. And then of course we blinded the tables next to us. They made a beautiful little cake for Donna.

After dinner we went to the Frankie Valli concert at Fantasy Springs. We didn't expect much. But it was sooo good! Dar, Denise and Donna were the only people out of about 3000 that stood through the entire thing.

After the show we accosted asked this member of the band to take a picture with the birthday girl.

Sunday we pretty much just hung out and then gambled a bit. The whole trip was so relaxing.

We will probably do our next trip in the summer of 2017!

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