Saturday, March 19, 2016

Before We Left

We are in La Quinta right now. Before we left, we discovered this park that is much closer to our house than the one we usually go to. It's amazing that we didn't noticed it in the three years we have lived here!

This may be why...

This nice winding sidewalk takes you down down down to the park. So the park is really not visible from the street. Of course, this is one of the kids' favorite parts of the park!

While we were there, the kids kept telling me that we had been there before. I kept telling them we hadn't. Mia said, "It feels like we've been here."

When we got back home I told Dan all about it. "Oh yeah," he says. "I took the kids there last year with the neighbors." Oy vey.

Last year Anna really wanted to ride her bike without training wheels. We took them off and she tried and tried but couldn't do it. She just wasn't ready. Fast forward one year. We took them off again. At the high school track, she had one push and she rode almost all the way across the field. What a difference a year makes! And a child's development!

It was spring-like when I left Colorado on Tuesday. Now it's snowing. Sorry to have missed it...not.

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