Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The Living Desert...again

We love The Living Desert and usually go there at least once a year.

It has been really hot here in La Quinta so this time we bought tram tickets and rode to where we wanted to go.  The tram was the highlight of the trip!

We fed the giraffes some delicious carrots. 

Anna asked why their tongues were gray and she got an answer! It keeps them from getting sunburned since they are sticking them out all the time.

The petting zoo was full of goats that the girls got to comb.

We enjoyed the reptile show.

I let the girls go on the camel by themselves this year. So grown up!

Anna was SOO proud of herself that she didn't run screaming from the Easter Bunny. She has come a long way!

We rode the tram around the zoo just for fun, stopping for a ride on the merry go round.

This is a great place to visit, but next time we will wait for a cooler day.

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